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Rated 2/5 by Bitter Literature on June 21, 2019

I can't decide between 1, 2 or 3 stars, and so I settled on two.

The game itself has a lot of fun elements too it, and a lot of potential with a fun player base. I can safely say I've had a lot of fun moments in the game, and if you're looking for mature RP with potentially darker themes, this game is right up your alley.


  • Great Community
  • Interesting system with a lot of potential
  • Maturer themes with a maturer playerbase
  • Interesting lore


  • The developer of the game is hostile to player feedback and has a "take it or leave it" approach to mechanical decisions, some of which the player base are generally against.
  • The developer has clear elements of favoritism and this can severely impact IC power.
  • There is an eerily high abundance of really uncomfortable RP communities (excessive gore, pedophilia, etc) that have made their home in the community, that whilst IS against the rules and dealt with harshly, still keeps rearing it's ugly head. Similarly, there is often a really blurry grey line where certain RP is acceptable to the the developer and the attitude is just "deal."

Rated 1/5 by glitterbombdiggity on January 01, 2019

Good potential, but the game itself (outside of the mechanics) is horribly mismanaged and corrupt. The admin (who is the sole staff and also the owner/coder of the game) routinely gives magic and special weapons, NPC followers, etc., to her friends while gating the content for everyone else not in the inner circle behind massive required Patreon donation bonuses. (Nobody else will get NPC followers, for example, until she gets +$100 more dollars a month in donations.)

It's hard to say what is due to inexperience and what is due to maliciousness, but the game has no balance or direction. It's fun to play, but getting less fun by the day, especially with all the favoritism.

There is also a skeezy undercurrent among the players of the game, and several have been caught out for graphic pedophilia in the game, and some gross non-consensual stuff that, when reported, was deemed perfectly okay by staff. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone under the age of 18 as a result.

Rated 2/5 by Daelar on January 01, 2019

Marosia is a game in the same genre as Cantr 2 and Faery Tale Online - mixing elements of each. The developer herself is a former Cantr player.

The game has a lot of potential. That's one of the things that makes it so disappointing. Unfortunately there are a number of things that drag the game down:

1) The developer is a bit erratic. She makes a lot of kneejerk responses to perceived problems that aren't really problems, and is incredibly hostile to player feedback. She doesn't really understand how her game is actually played, and so her "balance" decisions are anything but.

2) She spends a lot of time roleplaying as the gods in her world, and in a very biased and non-transparent way. She lavishes attention and really overbalanced gifts on characters she likes (and I suspect players she likes or knows OOCly). Anybody else will get ignored, particularly if she doesn't like the player.

3) She doesn't seem to know whether she wants the game to be a free form forum style RPG with no mechanics, or a simulation. She frequently berates people for worrying about the implications of a mechanic saying that people should be focused on the RP, but then she makes horrendous decisions that impact upon roleplay based on perceived imbalance in the mechanics.

4) The longer the game has been open, the worse the mechanics have gotten. She seems to be gradually pushing the game towards a carbon copy of Cantr 2 with none of the vastness (it's a very small world).

5) The weird community of semi-pedo Cantr players have migrated across, so you see some questionable stuff from time to time.

Overall, worth a quick look if you're a fan of the genre but one that will be short lived, particularly if a viable alternative comes along.

Rated 5/5 by Keanu0324 on November 08, 2018

If you're looking for a roleplay heavy kind of game, then this is the one for you! If you've ever played Cantr and FTO (Faery Tale Online), two text-based PBBG’s with similar concepts, then you'll most certainly enjoy what Marosia has to offer! You can run at your own pace, time traverses the same in game as it does irl, so you can always check in here and there rather than spend hours in focus! The game's community is full of fun and supportive players, and any ideas you could have to improve gameplay is taken in serious consideration by the community and dev! :D