Stardrift Empires

Stardrift Empires


Research and build your fleet; explore and conquer a vast science fiction universe with hundreds of solar systems.

Rated 4/5 by Chrystal on March 30, 2018

Although in recent years this game has lost MANY players, it still is one of the best games out there for PvP action. Rivalries are established and have lasted for YEARS! I have been playing BFG games for over 8 years now and after checking out other games, many have come back to the fold time and again.

There is a real appeal for the real time interactions in this game. If we could just get back a solid core of players, the action would be riveting again. Unfortunately, BFG doesn't seem to reward loyalty and generates a new Universe often. There are probably 7 or 8 Universes in varying versions, which each time upon introduction, draws players from an old version into the new leaving a depleted player base.

However, us die hards who have been playing for years, stick with it and it's still fun! I only play two other games online, but this is my main game. I lose sleep if my ships are out for some reason. LOL!

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