The Grail Lords

The Grail Lords


Chat, trade, fight and play inside an active player community and develop your Character using a large variety of Skills and Items.

Rated 5/5 by TharkosWoodley on March 02, 2021

The Grail lords is a free-to-play slow stamina-based medieval RPG.

There's more than 100 skills to master devided into categories, Personal (like stats), Fighting, Daily (miscellanous), Resource (gathering) and Professional (crafting).

There's loads of achievements to earn, reputation to be gained and a great community to meet in the tavern (chat).

The staff is very active especially the developer and admin. The economy is mostly player-driven and you can travel between different towns.

There's different events each month and mini-games to entertain you while you wait for new stamina points :)

Be a farmer, a healer, a trader, a warrior or even a scribe who copies books for the town library. There's lots of options!

You can choose your own starting town but I welcome you to join Azetyth. It's a new town and we need more citizens.

If you'd like to join please use my referal link:

See you in-game -Tharkos the Ploughman

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