Made Man Mafia

Made Man Mafia


Step into the shoes of a mafioso, and begin your quest from street hustler to Boss of bosses. Win Credits, medals, cash prizes on the way.

Rated 5/5 by Matthew on April 28, 2023

I will give this a 5 because it's not fair to rate this low when I haven't had a chance to try. Unfortunately, this site is down for a little bit as directed by a trusted source. As of 4/28/23

Rated 5/5 by AnarchyDave on November 14, 2022

Made Man Mafia places you on a collision course with other Mafia Families. Fight for every inch of turf and the money that comes with it. Learn to pick yourself up from defeats, pick your battles and play smart to win credit and cash prizes. The main gameplay is simple. Use turns to Hire people to work for you, then set them to work. Turn your money into dominance and protect your turf. Find intelligence which leads to big scores, and propel your Mafia Family to the top of the leader boards.

The game is pretty brutal, and if you're not strong enough to survive on your own, you'll need to find a group to play with. This is a competitive game first and foremost.

Message Dave in game if you have any problems, or need help getting started!